Financial wellness at Cipla

The Best Time To Start Investing Was Yesterday, The Second Best: Now

The mind and body are co-dependent. Your body cannot work to its full potential, if your mind is not at peace.  As employed individuals, we wear many hats – that of a professional, a mentor, a parent, a caregiver, a partner, a friend, and so on, making it impossible for us to do justice to any of these roles, if we’re struggling at a deeper level. While our societal norms, and even our personal ideals sometimes lead us to feel that self-care is selfish, the truth is that we become capable of caring for others only when we listen to our own needs and attend to them.

At Cipla, when we talk about our Credo – Caring for life, we don’t just mean caring for a patient’s life, but also that of our employees. We have therefore introduced, ‘i-Care’ which is an internal mandate to care for self, to be able to care for others.

Wellness has three aspects – Physical, Psychological and Financial. Along with the Physical and Psychological wellness of our employees, this year, we decided to also focus on their Financial wellness.

Multiple researches [1,2have pointed out that financial problems are one of the key causes of workplace distraction. This not only impacts the employee’s productivity but also leads to anxiety issues. On the other hand, a financially secure employee is a happy and more productive employee. This belief has formed the basis of our Financial Wellness Programme at Cipla.

We want to encourage our employees to be financially aware and prudent. While they are working, we want their money to work for them. For this purpose, we partnered with DSP Black Rock Mutual Funds to reach out to Cipla employees across the country and educate them about the importance of managing their money well. For the phase I of this initiative, we’re focusing on millennials and women. Going forward, we will expand the program’s reach to employees aged over 35 and 50 as well.

Tapping the millennial mindset

We’re a very young organisation. Cipla’s average employee age is around 30 years. Hence, it is of utmost importance that we look at the financial well-being of the people who make Cipla vibrant and lively, therefore the millenials; these goals can be as varied as having the means to go on an international holiday to being able to provide for one’s parents. This is a generation that believes in taking a lot of risk related decisions like choosing equity over debt. Through our initiative, we are educating them about the beauty of multi-asset class investments. We’re telling them about the power of compounding and how beneficial it is if they start early. As they say, the best time to invest was yesterday; the second best is now.

Empowering women through financial management

Women have various financial needs – relating to their families, household needs, planning a holiday or simply the freedom to do what they want, when they want. This is where our program comes in. Through our Financial Wellness Programme, we hope to assist our female employees in making better investment and planning decisions. After all, having a solid financial plan can be very empowering.

Aditi Kothari, Executive Vice President, DSP BlackRock Investment Managers, talks about why it is important for women to start investing money early in their careers

We rolled out our program through two mediums – classroom-based interactions and video nugget based interactions. The classroom interactions involve interactive presentations, combined with videos, quiz, and focused group discussions for our captive audiences in the offices. We also arranged for financial planners, free of cost, to resolve any queries and help the employees with their savings and investments. This is followed up with a financial planning reminder over telephone and the feedback is shared with the HR.

For those on the go

For our sales personnel, we adopted a different approach, given they’re always on the move and ‘mobile’. We are creating and sharing video nuggets or GIFs over a period of 15 days which nudge them to take their financial planning seriously. After the 15 days, we plan to arrange a tele-connect to answer any queries they might have and also provide a financial planner free of cost.

Cipla has always believed in providing its employees with opportunities that help them grow and build a bright future. This program is one such move. Through this initiative, we hope to make Cipla an even more empowering and secure place for our employees – a work place that truly cares for their lives by empowering them.

Here’s some encouraging feedback from Ciplaites who attended the programme.

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A Round Of Applause

“To recognise and appreciate someone for greatness, and to do it in a way that holds meaning for them—not only is it inspiring for you, but it is also the most sure path to inspiring further engagement and greatness from them. This principle is central to every accomplishment within an organization.”

David Sturt, EVP O.C. Tanner and a New York Times best-selling author

Everybody appreciates applause; it has been linked to our primal feelings of wanting to be accepted and recognised. Public recognition goes a long way in making an associate feel special and it is well-known that words of acknowledgement mean more to them than monetary rewards.

Just-in-time appreciation

In the spirit of appreciating and applauding colleagues who truly deserve it, we are happy to launch Applause, a colleague-to-colleague recognition platform at Cipla. The platform aims to build, sustain and encourage a culture of appreciation at Cipla in real-time and on the spot.

Applause is all about seizing the moment and not saving recognition for once a quarter or year, or for one location or region. It is designed to embed appreciation in our daily life; not merely for major achievements, but also for smaller and equally important accomplishments along the way. Most importantly, it is the very embodiment of the OneCipla Credo behaviour at work.

Designed in partnership with OC Tanner, a global expert on employee recognition and appreciation, Applause has been standardised across all Cipla locations globally. It is completely agnostic and is designed in a way that any employee can applaud any other employee in the organisation, irrespective of age, vintage, and designation.

The need for instant applause

Reward and recognition have always been considered great motivating factors in a work environment. Prior to this, the recognition programme was staggered and meant different things to different parts of the organisation.

With Applause, we are building a simplified, common theme throughout the organisation.

It is important to inculcate a culture of appreciation and recognition; it motivates people and adds meaning to our work. Our organisation is growing younger and we have a large number of millennials working with us. Millennials relate better to instant gratification and instant appreciation and this is Cipla’s nod to the millennials in our workplace.

The standout feature is its connection to the OneCipla credo. When employees demonstrate credo behaviour such as purpose-inspired, responsibility-centred, or innovation-driven etc., it will earn them recognition from their colleagues and seniors. By linking Applause to Credo behaviour, we are bringing alive the redo and making it a way of life among our employees.

The three elements

The platform is designed to be easily accessible to all employees. We have designed three elements to the platform:

1. Offline Applause via Applause Stations: Applause Stations will be installed at convenient locations across all office premises globally. These Applause Stations have Credo cards, thank you cards and applause cards for employees to use.

2. Online Applause via web/app: An online platform akin to an internal social media platform has been created where employees can login using their employee ID and password. Hosted by OC Tanner, this online platform lets employees applaud anybody globally using e-cards. Other users can see and comment on the appreciation you have garnered.

3. Recognition Toolkits for Managers: Managers (grade E and above) will be provided with special Recognition Toolkits to applaud their colleagues. Each toolkit has credo and thank you cards, credo badges and lapel pins. Credo badges are meant for colleagues who do phenomenal work consistently. Lapel pins will be handed out by members of the Management Council to colleagues who go beyond the line of duty consistently.

Looking ahead

Applause is a platform that aims to build an ethos of mutual appreciation and recognition in the organisation. We are in the midst of creating a strong legacy for a stronger future and Applause sets the stage with its culture-transforming agenda. It recognises the importance of appreciating employees who have risen to challenges, gone above and beyond and truly made a difference. When we applaud our colleagues for a job well done, we are well on our way to building a stronger community and therefore a stronger organisation. Let us applaud!

Here’s a look at what our employess across locations had to say about the initiative.

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Inspiring A Fit Lifestyle: Our Leaders Walk The Talk

We at Cipla believe that fit employees make a fit company and each employee is responsible for his own fitness. Ciplaites geared up for the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018 and carried the organisation’s purpose of ‘Caring For Life’ to the world.

While Cipla brought together a team for the Dream Run, many Ciplaites ran the half and the full marathon. They tirelessly worked towards their goal and prepared well in advance for the big day.

Leading the path were our leaders who not only live a fit lifestyle but also actively participate in the various marathons across the world. Running a marathon and preparing for it is not just about working out or running every day,  and following a certain diet, it is also about self-motivation and moral support from family and friends.

For Samina Vaziralli, our Executive Vice Chairperson, her children and runners around the world are her inspiration. Stories of people who have overcome illnesses and diseases to run a marathon and how it has changed their lives inspire her. Her first marathon was the Airtel Delhi Marathon in 2015 and she’s also run the Amsterdam marathon.

Here she talks about her fitness regimen.

Anantha Nayak, CEO, Cipla Health, ran his first marathon in 2003 and first full marathon in 2005. He’s run many global marathons in Singapore, Thailand and other Asian countries.

His family is his biggest inspiration as they understand his need to run and they are very accommodative of it. He runs five to ten kilometres a day three to four times a week.

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Cipla Family Day

At Cipla, our purpose is ‘Caring for Life’ and caring begins with our Families. For us, our employees’ families are as important as employees themselves. We believe that the family members are the real superheroes that give our employees the strength to excel at work. And Cipla Family Day, 2018 is all about celebrating these superheroes.

We kickstarted these Family Day celebrations with our Vikhroli office. Here’s a glimpse of the eventful day.

In his welcome note, Dr YK Hamied took a walk down memory lane and highlighted some nostalgic moments from the establishment of Cipla Vikhroli.

Raju Subramanyam, Global Head – Operations, Cipla, spoke about what family means to him.

The theme for this year was superheroes and Ciplaites and their families channelled their inner superheroes to have a time of their lives.

No Family Day is complete without fun and games for children. Candy floss, bouncy castles, dance workshops, frisbee challenge, super chef were few of the activities organised for children. Check out all the action.

Check out all the photos from the event.


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#CiplaEngage: Ringing In The Festive Spirit

The festive season is upon and we at Cipla are making most of it. Our offices are dressed in the Christmas spirit and our people in red and white. The secret Santa has made everyone happy and we are all set to ring in the new year!

Check out all the Christmas action at our offices.

The Santa at Cipla HQ is e-special! It’s not just red, it’s green too. Don’t believe us? Watch Savio D’souza walk you through the making.

Video courtesy: Usha Iyer

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