Safety Is Everybody’s Business

Safety risks are everywhere – from offices and factory shop-floors to the chaos on the roads, poor traffic discipline, the crowds on local trains, and even what happens inside our homes. Recently, in an unfortunate incident, one of our Indore associates got electrocuted at his home. Or take the daily work commute, for instance. We see around us many cases of road accidents, of people not wearing their helmets and getting seriously injured or trying to jump onto trains and slipping, and so on.

A new perspective

As a company driven by its purpose of Caring for Life, how do we ensure that an employee who gets in to work also gets back home safely? This is not workplace safety in the conventional sense. But it eventually relates to the lives of our people, and nothing can be more devastating than losing one of your own. Safety risks, therefore, have implications for our company, but there even bigger implications for the families concerned.

Besides ensuring safety norms compliance at the workplace, we also try to ensure the safety of our colleagues beyond it. For instance, we have a fair degree of leeway when it comes to our attendance norms and practices, so reaching office needn’t always be a stressful affair. It is ok if one misses that bus/train, they can always take the next one, even though they might get delayed. The idea is to refrain colleagues from rushing breathlessly to work, which could otherwise endanger their safety and wellbeing.

Taking charge

We cannot always prevent something untoward from happening, but we can certainly adopt a mindset of safety for ourselves and for the people around us. To make this idea even more powerful, we must all commit to safe practices and norms in whatever we do. Promoting safety must additionally apply to routine, everyday activities that our associates engage in.

Safe Miles & Smiles – a personal safety initiative that we recently launched for our associates, is a step in this direction. It is about making sure we become more conscious of near-misses and potential safety risks that our colleagues could encounter, both on the field and at home. A building/office entrance, for instance, could have a slippery surface and as you start running in because it is raining outside, you slip and fall, injuring your back. Yet, these are things people don’t think about as seriously as they should. We want that to change, for our associates.

Little things like these are part of our attempt to create an ecosystem where Cipla associates believe that safety is their responsibility. We also expect that they remind colleagues about this, and hopefully carry the message home so that their families, too, adopt safer practices in whatever they do.

Safety has no excuse, and it has no alibi, no budget, no time, and no targets. We must adopt a sense of personal accountability so that we are safe and not sorry.

I hope the Safe Miles & Smiles initiative will help enhance personal awareness on this front. Having overseen the safety function in one of my earlier stints, I strongly believe that this will soon turn into a movement because it is all about changing people’s mindsets.

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Empowering Parents: Our Associates on Day-Care Program by Cipla

Cipla is committed to the well-being of all associates and understands that balancing parenthood with full-time work can be challenging at times. With an intent to extend our purpose of ‘Caring for life‘ and enable associates to handle their child care concerns, Cipla offered Crèche/Day Care facility to all associates in partnership with ‘Klay’ an external specialist.

Voice of the Associates:

“Cipla’s daycare initiative has been a lifesaver for me and my family. As we were thinking of our move from Gurgaon to Mumbai after I joined Cipla in December, one of our biggest challenges was to figure a safe and healthy place for Maya (our 20-month-old daughter) to spend some time at during the day my wife and I are both working professionals.

We could not have asked for a better place than Klay for this. Maya has been going there for the last one week and she is totally in love with it. We were a bit sceptical as it is not very easy to leave your child with strangers but once we met the team at Klay and saw how happy Maya was, it was a no-brainer.

Cipla has an association with a best in class daycare centre. The policy is well defined, employee friendly in terms of flexibility and affordability. The initiative ties very well with ‘Purpose Inspired’ and ‘Responsibility Centred’ values. I love Klay, so would like to recommend to other associates as well.

Our heartfelt thanks to Cipla and the engagement team!”

Anupam Hans
Corporate HR, Lower Parel

“Cipla has supported whole heartedly to me. Truly the purpose of Cipla is ‘Caring for life’. It is a true blessing for me being employee of such an organization. The feeling is like God sent an Angel for me and my daughter.

Klay offers full day support for my Child while engaging her with an appropriate educational activities My child’s daily progress keeps me motivated and I don’t feel guilty that someone else is raising my child. Day Care Program by Cipla allows us to continue our professional growth while supporting us as parents. The daycare provides a safe progressive and fun environment for my kid and gives me the comfort that while I am at work my kid is in safe hands. creative

Seeing my child’s daily progress motivates me to work better. I feel supported at each stage of motherhood. My Child continue to learn and grow, giving me the confidence that she is developing and well cared.”

Meenal Sathe
Regulatory Affairs, Vikhroli

“I want to thank Cipla for introducing Day care program. I am very much happy that my child enjoys his school & day care activities. This initiative resonates to our OneCipla Credo as our purpose is Caring for life. At Klay, its caring for child.

Klay has very good preschool and daycare facility. All teachers and supporting staff are helpful and they understand my son’s needs. It’s not only day care for me, it’s like a mother’s care for my son. A child is fully occupied with love, care and various activities.

My child likes to go to Day care, he loves court yard playing, School activities, painting, crafting.
He enjoys his nursery poems what he learns at school. While going back home he keeps singing those nursery rhymes all the way.

I would recommend to all parents to avail the Day Care Program as it helps your kid learn new things and enjoy their day even while they are away from parents. At the same time, it allows us as parents to focus on our work since our child is taken care off by a well managed Day Care & School.”

Dipali Kanade
Packaging Development, Vikhroli

“Klay is one of the best day care in Vikhroli and I’m glad that Cipla chose it over others. The day care centre is near Cipla office in Vikhroli and the parents can visit the Centre immediately in emergency situations.

The Day Care facility is gender neutral and available to both male and female employees. This initiative truly resonates with our credo element `Responsibility Centered’.

Supriya Rokade
Regulatory Affairs, Vikhroli

“I would like to thanks Cipla for the brilliant initiative of daycare program. It is of utmost importance for a nuclear family like mine that the baby is in good & safe hands so that we can rejoin the work without worrying about the baby. The three best qualities of this initiative are:
a) Commitment: Cipla is one of the first few companies to implement the daycare facility at work, post announcement of Amendment in Maternity Benefit Act. This shows the company’s commitment of taking care of its employees.

b) Caring: This initiative goes hand in hand with our Purpose of Caring for Life. Not only the company is caring for its employees but also concerned about the infants & toddlers who require dedicated attention & care in their formative years of growth.

c) Accessibility: This is very important & I am very happy that the company has given it a thought and made the daycare so close to the offices or in the office premises which allows the mother to go and see the baby 2-3 times a day and feed the baby as well.

This initiative resonates with our Credo elements ; ‘Responsibility Centered’ and ‘Innovation Driven’.

  • Responsibility Centered- It shares the responsibility of the associates for the well-being of the kids and takes extra care by ensuring that the kids are in safe hands.
  • Innovation Driven- Very few corporates have the cost sharing model of the daycare facility and Cipla is one such company who is bearing a major share of the fees of the daycare which makes it more feasible for a parent to enroll his/her kid in a good daycare facility.

I would recommend this daycare facility to all the associates as the KLAY daycare (Lower Parel) is an excellent school & playgroup with state of the art infrastructure and facilities which gives an overall development to a child. Apart from the development, kids also enjoy and engage with other kids of their age and develop their own social circle. The daycare has a policy of sharing the curriculum & menu of the upcoming week which keeps the parents informed about the activities of their kid at school. Also the live CCTV access anytime of the day helps us to see what the baby is doing & how the teachers are taking care of the kids which gives us the confidence that we have made the right choice.

My kid “Avyaan” loves being at the daycare. It gives us so much pleasure to see the new things he is learning every-day at the daycare & very happy with his overall development.

Apoorva Jain
Marketing Department, Lower Parel

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Successful Habits Build Successful People

‘Empowered women empower women.’ Women achievers at Cipla are inspired, motivated and intent on creating success for themselves and the organisation. They are on equal footing with their male counterparts, and have great opportunities for growth and advancement. Cipla has multiple programmes aimed at empowerment such as i-Care, which is a comprehensive wellness initiative that caters to the physical, physiological and financial wellbeing of all associates. The Work Life Assistance Programme under i-Care provides free and confidential counselling services. Recently, Cipla empowered mothers in the organisation by providing day care and crèche facilities to all associates.

This March, we celebrated women’s month to acknowledge the immense contribution of women associates at Cipla with workshops on nutrition, self-defence techniques such as Krav maga, a panel discussions on ‘Positive visibility of women through developing and building brand in today’s VUCA world’,  two women-themed episodes of Cipla Unplugged, and much more.  As a continuation of the celebrations, we salute some associates who are actively making a difference in the organisation by being champions of the OneCipla credo. They exemplify the values of Cipla and are deeply invested in the Cipla credo of Caring for Life.

Anchored to excellence

An organisation is as strong as its associates are, and women associates at Cipla bring excellence to work every day. They take on their responsibilities and the challenges that come with their roles with aplomb and turn challenges into opportunities flawlessly. For instance, Althea McLean, Marketing Manager, Cipla USA, views challenges as a learning experience and an opportunity for something great. Layal Ghosn from Cipla Lebanon is very confident about her abilities. She says, “I want to learn and grow and I believe that there is a true sense of accomplishment behind fulfilling a big challenge.”

The ladies at Cipla are continuously learning and always striving to get ahead. Marlar Myint, Front Line Manager, Cipla Myanmar is committed to excellence. She is purpose-inspired and goes beyond the line of duty to ensure excellence. She says, “Our customers are mostly doctors and they form the backbone of Myanmar society. It’s a big challenge to convince them. I overcome it by reading brand scientific material and practice for many hours.”

Similarly, Suzanne El Helou from Cipla Lebanon believes that challenges are a potential opportunity for creativity. She puts it very succinctly when she says, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

Purpose-inspired and motivated to success

Every employee has the support of her family and colleagues behind her. And the women at Cipla find their motivation to excel in different forms. Althea McLean says her biggest motivation lies in her own personal experiences. She volunteers regularly with Joshua’s Heart Foundation, a charity that fights poverty and says, “It is a constant reminder that each of us can make a difference in someone’s life.”

Similarly, Anita Zitshi, QC Head, Cipla Indore in India is a source of inspiration for the mothers at her workplace. She was the first woman in Cipla Indore to become Section Head and soon rose to the ranks of QC Head, while completing her MBA from Symbiosis College alongside. She says her biggest motivators are her family, specially her husband and mother-in-law. She is also inspired by other women leaders at Cipla, such as Geena Malhotra and Dr Ranjana Pathak and her mentors Sandeep Shitole, Satish Yadav and Sanjay Gorana.

Paramita Roy, Area Business Manager, Kolkata, India is also motivated by her family. She says, “I draw inspiration from my father from whom I have learnt how to deal with challenges, and emerge successfully.” Prabavathie Thandrind, Cipla Medpro Senior Director RA SAGA Region says, “People who persevere despite the many roadblocks life throws at them are very inspiring. The ability we have as human beings to pick ourselves up and to overcome adversity is truly motivating.”

Successful habits build successful people

Pele, the soccer legend once said, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying and most of all, loving what you are doing.” Every successful person has a success mantra that keeps them in good stead and the women achievers of Cipla have their success strategies all mapped out.

Varsha Sachin Sawant, Head Unit Quality Assurance, Pharma-II QA, says her success mantra is to never give up and always take responsibility. Her favourite values are integrity and trust and she believes that they will take her far in life. For Meghna Jagdale, Site COE, Kurkumb Site, India, communication is key. She owes her success to her excellent communication skills and her ability to connect with her teammates effectively. Anju Gusain, India Business, has a different approach to success. She says, “When I leave home for work, I always carry a smile which remains throughout the day. I encourage my team to initiate new ideas and strategies, and love to have people who are hungry to learn and unlearn things fast on my team.”

Layal Ghosn from Cipla Myanmar says, “To be successful, I prioritize my focus. I set my priorities and objectives for the day in order to be set up for a successful day ahead. I visualize my goals so I can focus on the “important” vs the “urgent”. Prabavathie Thandrind opines, “Trust the people working for you; it’s not always easy to let go, but when you do, it’s very rewarding.”

The final word

These achievers have great advice for other aspirants. We asked them what the best piece of advice they have ever given or been given is and they came with some gems. Paromita Ray’s advice is to never give up on your originality and uniqueness, whereas Layal Ghosn believes that with big risks come greater rewards and the chance to make a bigger difference.

Suzanne el Helou says, “Have the courage to live a life true to yourself, and never make decisions when you are angry and promises when you are happy.” Thiri Mon from Cipla Myanmar believes that success can be yours if you think win-win all the time.

Anita Zitshi believes in staying fit, focused and proactive. Varsha Sawant maintains that if you dream it, you can do it. She says, “Keep the child inside you alive, and the journey will be easier.” Prabavathie Thandrind strives to maintain a healthy work-life balance by carving out time for family, friends and exercise.

These achievers are from different geographical zones and perform diverse roles in the organisation, but what they have in common is their adherence to Cipla’s values, their purpose and their need to make a difference. Their fortitude and tenacity will ensure they achieve amazing successes. Marlar Myint sums the mettle and resolve of these women best when she says, “I always think that today is the day to do my very best.”

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A Round Of Applause

“To recognise and appreciate someone for greatness, and to do it in a way that holds meaning for them—not only is it inspiring for you, but it is also the most sure path to inspiring further engagement and greatness from them. This principle is central to every accomplishment within an organization.”

David Sturt, EVP O.C. Tanner and a New York Times best-selling author

Everybody appreciates applause; it has been linked to our primal feelings of wanting to be accepted and recognised. Public recognition goes a long way in making an associate feel special and it is well-known that words of acknowledgement mean more to them than monetary rewards.

Just-in-time appreciation

In the spirit of appreciating and applauding colleagues who truly deserve it, we are happy to launch Applause, a colleague-to-colleague recognition platform at Cipla. The platform aims to build, sustain and encourage a culture of appreciation at Cipla in real-time and on the spot.

Applause is all about seizing the moment and not saving recognition for once a quarter or year, or for one location or region. It is designed to embed appreciation in our daily life; not merely for major achievements, but also for smaller and equally important accomplishments along the way. Most importantly, it is the very embodiment of the OneCipla Credo behaviour at work.

Designed in partnership with OC Tanner, a global expert on employee recognition and appreciation, Applause has been standardised across all Cipla locations globally. It is completely agnostic and is designed in a way that any employee can applaud any other employee in the organisation, irrespective of age, vintage, and designation.

The need for instant applause

Reward and recognition have always been considered great motivating factors in a work environment. Prior to this, the recognition programme was staggered and meant different things to different parts of the organisation.

With Applause, we are building a simplified, common theme throughout the organisation.

It is important to inculcate a culture of appreciation and recognition; it motivates people and adds meaning to our work. Our organisation is growing younger and we have a large number of millennials working with us. Millennials relate better to instant gratification and instant appreciation and this is Cipla’s nod to the millennials in our workplace.

The standout feature is its connection to the OneCipla credo. When employees demonstrate credo behaviour such as purpose-inspired, responsibility-centred, or innovation-driven etc., it will earn them recognition from their colleagues and seniors. By linking Applause to Credo behaviour, we are bringing alive the redo and making it a way of life among our employees.

The three elements

The platform is designed to be easily accessible to all employees. We have designed three elements to the platform:

1. Offline Applause via Applause Stations: Applause Stations will be installed at convenient locations across all office premises globally. These Applause Stations have Credo cards, thank you cards and applause cards for employees to use.

2. Online Applause via web/app: An online platform akin to an internal social media platform has been created where employees can login using their employee ID and password. Hosted by OC Tanner, this online platform lets employees applaud anybody globally using e-cards. Other users can see and comment on the appreciation you have garnered.

3. Recognition Toolkits for Managers: Managers (grade E and above) will be provided with special Recognition Toolkits to applaud their colleagues. Each toolkit has credo and thank you cards, credo badges and lapel pins. Credo badges are meant for colleagues who do phenomenal work consistently. Lapel pins will be handed out by members of the Management Council to colleagues who go beyond the line of duty consistently.

Looking ahead

Applause is a platform that aims to build an ethos of mutual appreciation and recognition in the organisation. We are in the midst of creating a strong legacy for a stronger future and Applause sets the stage with its culture-transforming agenda. It recognises the importance of appreciating employees who have risen to challenges, gone above and beyond and truly made a difference. When we applaud our colleagues for a job well done, we are well on our way to building a stronger community and therefore a stronger organisation. Let us applaud!

Here’s a look at what our employess across locations had to say about the initiative.

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Inspiring A Fit Lifestyle: Our Leaders Walk The Talk

We at Cipla believe that fit employees make a fit company and each employee is responsible for his own fitness. Ciplaites geared up for the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018 and carried the organisation’s purpose of ‘Caring For Life’ to the world.

While Cipla brought together a team for the Dream Run, many Ciplaites ran the half and the full marathon. They tirelessly worked towards their goal and prepared well in advance for the big day.

Leading the path were our leaders who not only live a fit lifestyle but also actively participate in the various marathons across the world. Running a marathon and preparing for it is not just about working out or running every day,  and following a certain diet, it is also about self-motivation and moral support from family and friends.

For Samina Vaziralli, our Executive Vice Chairperson, her children and runners around the world are her inspiration. Stories of people who have overcome illnesses and diseases to run a marathon and how it has changed their lives inspire her. Her first marathon was the Airtel Delhi Marathon in 2015 and she’s also run the Amsterdam marathon.

Here she talks about her fitness regimen.

Anantha Nayak, CEO, Cipla Health, ran his first marathon in 2003 and first full marathon in 2005. He’s run many global marathons in Singapore, Thailand and other Asian countries.

His family is his biggest inspiration as they understand his need to run and they are very accommodative of it. He runs five to ten kilometres a day three to four times a week.

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